Episode 163: Walt Disney Part 2

The Director's Club returns to the shores of Disneyland to take a look at the creative efforts of Walt Disney as he expands his interests to live action films and even nature documentaries, as his techniques in animation were also changing due to artistic and financial needs.  We talk about the many remarkable facets of his later films and how he was able to maintain creativity while building the empire of the entertainment world we know today.


(0:00) Intro to Walt Disney in transition ("Dizz Knee Land", dada)
(8:00) "True Life Adventures"
(17:47) "Alice in Wonderland" ("White Rabbit", Jefferson Airplane)
(29:14) "Peter Pan" ("Never Get Old", David Bowie)
(42:42) "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" ("Sing for The Submarine", R.E.M.)
(57:21) "Lady and the Tramp" ("Born to Run", Bruce Springsteen)
(1:10:56) "Sleeping Beauty" ("Enter Sandman", Metallica)
(1:20:03) "101 Dogs" ("Dogs", Pink Floyd)
(1:33:25) "The Absent-Minded Professor" ("She Blinded Me with Science", Thomas Dolby)
(1:42:06) "Mary Poppins" / His unfinished "Winnie the Pooh" project ("Mary Mary", The Monkees)
(2:09:55) "The Jungle Book" ("Welcome to the Jungle", Guns N' Roses)