Episode 165: Robert Altman Part II


The Director's Club returns to the films of Robert Altman, looking at the ups and downs of his career after he nearly became exiled to Sweethaven due to the "Popeye" debacle. We explore how he worked his way back with innovative takes on theatrical material like "Secret Honor" and "Fool For Love", returned back to critical and popular attention with "The Player" and "Short Cuts", created memorable characters like Griffin Mill, Maggie Smith's Countess from "Gosford Park" / "Downtown Abbey", and Stiggs, and used his directorial talent to expand, dismantle, and illuminate everything from the movie industry to rogue presidents to a ballet company (to even the world of Mayberry in "Cookie's Fortune"!)


[6:08] "Come to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean" ("Ridin' With James Dean", Joan Jett)
[21:36] "Streamers" ("Eve of Destruction", Barry McGuire)
[27:58] "Secret Honor" ("The Love of Richard Nixon", Manic Street Preachers)
[42:32] LIGHTNING ROUND: "Fool for Love", "OC & Stiggs", "Beyond Therapy",
"Tanner 88", "Vincent and Theo"
[1:12:00] "The Player" ("Everyone's Gone to the Movies", Steely Dan)
[1:34:38] "Short Cuts" ("Losing California", Sloan)
[2:15:06] "Ready to Wear" ("The Glamorous Life", Sheila-E)
[2:27:27] LIGHTNINGER ROUND: "Kansas City", "The Gingerbread Man", "Cookie's Fortune", "Dr. T & the Women"
[3:01:28] "Gosford Park" ("Master and Servant", Depeche Mode)
[3:17:28] "The Company" ("Ballerina", van Morrison)
[3:32:35] "The Prairie Home Companion" ("The End of the Line", The Travelling Willburys)