Episode 166: Ingmar Bergman


The Director's Club wanted to do something special on what would have been legendary director Ingmar Bergman's 101st year, so we're putting together a three-part series we're calling Bergman 101, where we look at every full feature he made that had a theatrical release! In Part I, we see how he made his start with melodramas but soon branched out to an astounding variety of films (like a film noir and a screwball comedy!), until he took his career to new artistic and public recognition with "Smiles of a Summer Night". We look at the remarkable elements in these early works (including silent film segments, dream sequences, innovative montages, animation, and a stuffed cat), plus the themes and techniques that would coalesce in forming the amazing films to come!


[7:31] "Crisis" ("Big City Nights", The Scorpions)
[21:21] "It Rains on Our Love" ("Our House", Madness)
[38:06] "A Ship to India" (Papa was a Rolling Stone", The Temptations)
[49:23] "Music in Darkness" ("Blind", Talking Heads)
[55:55] "Port of Call" ("A Mistake", Fiona Apple)
[1:05:22] "Prison" ("Flagpole Sitta", Harvey Danger)
[1:17:42] "Thirst" ("Bring Me Some Water", Melissa Etheridge)
[1:23:47] "To Joy" ("Ode to Joy", Ludwig van Beethoven)
[1:36:30] "This Can't Happen Here" ("Spies Like Us", Paul McCartney)
[1:54:45] "Summer Interlude" ("Suddenly Last Summer", The Motels)
[2:07:41] "The Waiting Women", (The Waiting", Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)
[2:19:45] "Summer with Monika" ("Girl", Beck)
[2:40:28] "Sawdust and Tinsel" ("Death of a Clown", The Kinks)
[2:56:33] "A Lesson in Love" ("Money, Money, Money", ABBA)
[3:07:01] "Dreams" ("Didn't It Rain", Songs: Ohia)
[3:14:00] "Smiles of a Summer Night" ("Magic Potion", Lou Johnson)