Episode 91: David Cronenberg Part 2


Episode 91 - David Cronenberg Part 2

Director's Club as you know it is back, kind of.  As indicated in the recently posted Pop Culture Club debut, I mentioned that every now and again, directors will still be focused on from time to time.  I decided to put a couple of sequel episodes on the schedule for the summer to make it easier on myself, and to follow through on a couple of promises I made.

Friend to the show Bill Ackerman and I are both huge fans of David Cronenberg, and as much as I enjoyed our first episode on DC, I knew a sequel / reboot was due so we could discuss some more of his recent films and a couple others we skipped over the first time.  It's more of a general discussion but there is definitely a heated debate surrounding CRASH and a newfound respect for both SPIDER and A DANGEROUS METHOD.  Also, Bill talks about DER SAMURAI while I review Rodney Ascher's documentary THE NIGHTMARE.

00:00 - 27:17 - Introduction / Cronenberg
27:18 - 27:35 - What We Watched Song
27:36 - 42:41 - What We Watched
42:42 - 43:01 - Director Song
43:02 - 02:07:52 - Cronenberg Discussion
02:07:53 - 02:18:48 - Top 5 Cronenberg Films / Outro

Thanks everyone so much for listening!  The next episode will be another bonus episode recorded with Patrick, whom I love.  Him and I will be revisiting Paul Thomas Anderson's THE MASTER to see if we warm up to it more, as well as talk about the genius of John Patrick Shanley's JOE VS. THE VOLCANO.  There's plenty of good stuff to come, so stay subscribed.  And as always, do send me an email:  directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com

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