Episode 93: Steven Soderbergh Part 2


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Episode 93: Steven Soderbergh Part 2

The great Kurt Halfyard and Andrew James of the RowThree Cinecast return for another wonderful and lengthy sequel episode on one of our favorite filmmakers and Renaissance man Steven Soderbergh.  This time we try to focus on the latter part of his career starting with THE LIMEY and going forwards from there.  There were some technical difficulties on my end due to some nasty weather and I had a bad headache, but I couldn't be happier with this episode thanks to my smart, articulate, and well-mannered guests.

00:00 - 12:00 - Introduction
12:01 - 12:42 - Director Song
12:43 - 01:37:30 - The Limey, Solaris, Ocean's 12, Bubble
01:37:31 - 01:38:26 - Contagion Score Snippet
01:38:27 -  03:03:20 - The Good German, The Informant, Contagion, Haywire
03:03:21 - 03:14:47 - Top 5 Soderbergh Films / Outro

Join me once again in a couple weeks for one of my favorite podcasters out there making his DC debut. Corey Pierce will be on to talk all-things David Wain and comedy!  There will be surprises in store and possibly a guest appearance by a can of talking vegetables.  As always thanks for listening!