Episode 94: David Wain


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Episode 94 - David Wain

Canadian podcaster Corey Pierce joins me to deconstruct the art of comedy by not only focusing on the films of director David Wain, but by going down a list of our favorite lowbrow comedies.  We digress a bit here and there, but overall, I just wanted to do an entire episode devoted to the comedy genre and "state" my case for why WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER is my favorite comedy.  Other hot topics include metal music, Tim & Eric, the recent Netflix prequel of WET HOT, and a whole lot more. Surprisingly, I think neither of us said the phrase "Comedy is subjective" once!  It's a miracle!

00:00 - 29:10 - Introduction / Wes Craven / Metal Music
29:11 - 44:54 - Top Ten Favorite Lowbrow Comedies
44:55 - 45:25 - Director Song
45:26 - 01:17:54 - Wet Hot American Summer
01:17:55 - 01:19:13 - Brief Filmspotting Appearance
01:19:14 -  01:52:32 - The Rest Of Wain's Films
01:52:33 - 02:05:52 - Outro

Join me in two weeks when guest and friend Bill Ackerman returns to talk about the controversial Paul Schrader.  Is he a better writer?  Are his films as a director just as strong?  Will Bill convince me that THE CANYONS is actually worth a damn?  Stay subscribed and see.  Patrick also has a bonus episode coming very soon about horror anthology films!  Thanks as always for listening.  In the meantime, please do send me an email to: directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com

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