Episode 95: Paul Schrader


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Episode 95 - Paul Schrader

Bill Ackerman returns to talk about the underrated Paul Schrader who most folks cite as the screenwriter of such films as TAXI DRIVER & RAGING BULL.  Maybe one day down the road, we'll do a writer's club episode on him, but for now, we're focusing on several of his overlooked films as a director starting with the brilliant BLUE COLLAR and ending with the debacle DYING OF THE LIGHT.  Throughout the conversation, a defense of Lindsay Lohan comes up as well as lots of love for Dafoe and Schrader's incredibly interesting filmography.  

00:00 - 06:08 - Introduction
06:09 - 06:48 -  Director Song
06:49 - 01:02:53 - Reviews of Blue Collar, Hardcore, American Gigolo, Cat People
01:02:54 - 01:47:11 - Reviews of Mishima, Light Sleeper, Affliction, Auto Focus
01:47:12 - 02:19:09 - Reviews of The Canyons & Dying Of The Light
02:19:10 - 02:26:28 -  Top 3 Schrader Films / Outro

The next official director-centric episode won't be until early October, in which we begin the scary movie mayhem month.  We will either kick things off with Stuart Gordon or Tobe Hooper featuring either Daniel Baldwin and/or Gabe Powers!  Thanks so much for listening! Until next time, please send me an email with questions, comments, concerns and ideas to: directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com

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