Episode 96: Tobe Hooper


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Episode 96 - Tobe Hooper

Daniel Baldwin was on last year for an episode on the late, great Wes Craven. This time he returns to talk about another "master of horror" by the name of Tobe Hooper. To his credit, he's made one masterpiece worth praising a little bit more, but we mainly focus on the rest of his filmography.  We touch on everything from EGGSHELLS to TOOLBOX MURDERS, but the bulk of the discussion is on the middle of his career including EATEN ALIVE, LIFEFORCE, INVADERS FROM MARS, and more!  There's also a brief discussion about the so-called Horror Renaissance and I also tell everyone that it's a really good time to go out to the movies now that fall has arrived!

00:00 - 27:33 - Intro / General Discussion / Wes Craven
27:34 - 28:31 - Director Song
28:32 - 1:21:43 - Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Eaten Alive, Funhouse, Poltergeist
1:21:43 - 1:50:29 - Lifeforce, Invaders From Mars, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
1:50:30 - 02:11:43 - The Rest of Hooper's Filmography
02:11:44 - 02:16:48 - Top 3 / Outro

Stay tuned since this is indeed a busy month.  Not only are a couple of interview episodes being lined up and Patrick will be contributing two bonus episodes, but in two weeks, Gabe Powers will be on to talk about the 2nd horror director of the month, Stuart Gordon.  Until then, send any feedback to:  directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com.  Thank you so much as always for listening!

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