A Very Special Episode - 50 Favorite Films


Is this it?  Is this the end of Director’s Club? That’s the question on everybody’s mind, and we sorta answer it right at the top. The show could be going away for awhile, but maybe not.  Or maybe it’ll change into something else. Maybe Jim invented a time machine and is going back to 1985 to go see Back To The Future with him and his dad again!  Regardless, Patrick is taking a well-deserved break from the Internet and podcasting.  He may return in the future, and Jim may continue to keep this going.  More should be set-in-stone in about a month. But in addition to a few bonus episodes coming up, as Patrick promised, this episode is what Jim lives for:  an arbitrary list of favorite movies.  Part One features a prelude that explains what’s been going on, then is followed up by #50-25 of the list of favorite movies!

Over the course of about four years or so, they have seen a lot of movies that are now considered all-time favorites. Early on in the run, they did a Top 20 favorite movies list I believe, but never listen to that old thing. This is the real deal.  An episode so big and long and hard, it had to be cut… into two parts!  If you listen to one episode of Director’s Club this year, make it this one.  It certainly won’t be the last, but expect changes to come and a possible hiatus. We’ll see what the future holds, but one thing’s for sure:  Jim and Patrick love you!

Patrick’s List
Jim’s List