Episode 104: Alfred Hitchcock

Another classic director that we've been meaning to feature on the show for quite some time is finally covered. I also decided it's been way too long since we got a different perspective, other than one of the male variety.  Kate Blair, holds a Master's in Cinema, writes reviews for Tiny Mix Tapes, has a blog titled Selective Viewing and turns out to be one of the more insightful guests I've had on the show.  We cover a whole lotta Hitchcock in just under three hours, and yet, there is still so much more to see for round two in the not-so-distant future.  Which titles would you like us to review for Part 2?  Send an email and let us know!  For this first outing, we talk about THE 39 STEPS, THE LADY VANISHES, SHADOW OF A DOUBT, NOTORIOUS, STRANGERS ON A TRAIN, REAR WINDOW, THE WRONG MAN, VERTIGO, PSYCHO and THE BIRDS.  But that's the tip of the iceberg.  We briefly mention a couple more we've seen and enjoyed as well as touch upon how Kate fell in love with movies.  Expect return visits from this guest in the future, and hope you enjoy our discussion on the master of suspense!

00:00 - 06:18 - Introduction**
06:19 - 17:11 - Introduction With Kate
17:12 - 18:32 - Hitchcock Song*
18:33 - 01:03:28 - First Experience, 39 STEPS, LADY VANISHES, SHADOW OF A DOUBT
01:03:29 - 01:03:59 - Intermission / Spellbound Score Excerpt
02:44:27 - 02:55:12 - Top 5 Hitchcock Films / Outro

*credit goes to Jen Schmidt for the inspiration

**Also I don't know why I said David Blair when referring to Bill Ackerman's first guest on Supporting Characters. CORRECTION: The name of Bill's guest is Daniel Bird.


I'm taking a short spring break and have asked two of my favorite cinephiles to talk about a director without my presence.  The next episode will be on Atom Egoyan and will feature the return of Bill Ackerman and Al Kwiatkowski as they deconstruct EXOTICA, THE SWEET HEREAFTER, his earlier work and a lot more.  I will return in mid-April for another episode TBD, and eventually in early May, an episode featuring WGN's Nick Digilio and myself talking about Martin Scorsese will finally happen!  Until then, I encourage all of you to leave a review on ITUNES, send me an email at:  directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com, and of course, subscribe to all the great shows over at NowPlayingNetwork.net!  Thank you so much for listening.  Don't forget:  What titles would you like us to review for Hitch Part 2?  Send an email and let us know!  This episode has been brought to you by Freshbooks!  Here's the link to where you can try this terrific software free for 30 days: http://gofreshbooks.com/directorsclub