Bonus Episode: Jeremy Saulnier (GREEN ROOM), John Carney (SING STREET) & Shelby Sifers!

Also cross-referenced at:  I have one heck of a lineup in store for you.  For this special edition of Pop Culture Club, I talk with two directors and then one musician -- all inspired in different ways but linked via their love of music.   For the first interview, I talk with BLUE RUIN director Jeremy Saulnier about his latest foray into genre filmmaking -- this time, he tackles the world of hardcore punk rock combined with a siege picture in the visceral knockout GREEN ROOM.

Secondly, I spoke with the director of one of my favorite movies ONCE.  John Carney is perfecting the make-a-band formula with his third foray into the low-fi musical, this time it's set in the world of 1980s Dublin.  SING STREET is a true joy in every sense of the word.  Easily one of my favorite films of the year that I can't wait for others to see.

Finally, I had the opportunity to talk with a truly gifted songwriter that I've been hoping to catch up with for quite some time.  Shelby Sifers is inspired by compassion and remains politically active, socially conscious and has also crafted some of my favorite pop songs that I hope you'll also check out as well.  This is easily the most excited I've been for a Pop Culture Club episode to date with three names I know you'll want to know more about after hearing them talk so eloquently about their art.  Thank you so much for listening, and please visit the links below to learn more about each project

00:00 - 08:52 - Introduction
08:53 - 17:33 -  Jeremy Saulnier (GREEN ROOM) interview
17:34 - 20:36 -  Nowhere Mind Indiegogo Campaign
20:37 - 33:51 -  John Carney (SING STREET) Interview
33:52 - 34:53-  "Are You Devo?" - Shelby Sifers
34:54 - 01:22:28 - Shelby Sifers Interview
01:22:29 - 01:24:44 - Outro

Jeremy Saulnier's GREEN ROOM:

John Carney's SING STREET:

Shelby Sifers:

Other songs featured:
"A Battle Ends"
"Try To Understand"
"Make Up Your Mind"

Shelby kindly would like to remind people to research candidates, from the local level on up, and to VOTE as it's an election year and to find a cause to donate time, talent or money to.

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