Bonus Episode: Actor/Director Keith Gordon

Welcome to a very special bonus episode of Director's Club.  These days you can find our guest directing episodes of TV shows like FARGO, DEXTER, THE LEFTOVERS, HOMELAND, MASTERS OF SEX, RECTIFY and so much more.  But if you grew up in the 80s like me, you probably recognized the talent on display in a horror film like CHRISTINE or a comedy like BACK TO SCHOOL.  What I wholeheartedly recommend are the films directed by the one and only Keith Gordon.

I first saw A MIDNIGHT CLEAR, took note of the name of the director, and became a huge fan from that point on when I rented his films in the mid-to-late 90s. I am still a huge fan to this day, and this interview was a really special event for the podcast.  And I couldn't have had a more pleasant, engaging, and fascinating discussion with someone I would consider to be a hero.  He continues to work hard to this day, and we even talk about possible projects in the works that I hope come into fruition.  We also discuss my four favorite films of his going back to his debut adaptation of THE CHOCOLATE WAR, A MIDNIGHT CLEAR, MOTHER NIGHT and my personal favorite, WAKING THE DEAD (image above).  For more on Keith, check out his IMDB to see some of his many credits and be sure to rent/stream all of his incredible work.  Thank you so much for listening to what I consider to be an interview that I will never forget. 

00:00 - 11:15 - Introduction
11:16 - 01:23:34 - Interview with Keith
01:23:35 - 01:25:16 - Outro

Keith Gordon

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