Bonus Episode: Keith Gordon + Underrated 80s Films

Cross-posted from Voices + Visions:

Another special bonus episode from the former host of this here show. So you might remember him as Arnie from Christine and that's where I first became aware of the terrific talent of one Keith Gordon. He's been on Voices + Visions / Director's Club a few times now, thus beginning a yearly tradition where we check in, talk about what he's been up to, but also take the opportunity to nerd out about cinema. Get out a notepad to jot down some of the titles discussed on this episode, as well as check out my own personal list on Letterboxd.

On the last episode, we went over what it was like working on the TV show Legion which transitioned into a talk about underrated films of the 90s. This time we go back yet another decade to discuss the 80s and how weird of a time it was. Some titles might be familiar but several were new to me. We have a wonderful discussion as always so if you've been a fan of our last three episodes, I have no doubt you'll enjoy the latest one as well. For more interviews and other projects I'm a part of please visit