Episode 103: Sidney Lumet

For a career as incredible and expansive as Sidney Lumet's, I needed the help of two guests.  Managing Editor Brian Tallerico of RogerEbert.com, as well as returning guest fresh from the Kubrick episode, Al Kwiatkowski, join me live to dissect the classics starting with 12 ANGRY MEN and modestly jumping around his filmography to focus on the more well-known gems from his career.  Some of the outliers and underrated choices will be saved for a Lumet sequel episode possibly due as early as next year.  For this round, we mainly touch upon SERPICO, PRINCE OF THE CITY, NETWORK, DOG DAY AFTERNOON, Q&A, THE VERDICT, RUNNING ON EMPTY, and BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU'RE DEAD.  Cannot thank my guests enough for joining me and hope you enjoy the 2-hour talk, despite leaving out a film or two from his catalog you may personally wish we had brought up.  Don't worry, since it very well may come up for round two!  This episode was brought to you by Freshbooks!  Please visit to http://www.GoFreshBooks.com/DirectorsClub to support the show and to try out an amazing program for small businesses to help you organize and much more!

00:00 - 7:56 - Introduction
7:57 - 9:57 - "Before The Devil Knows You're Dead" Score / Intro With Brian & Al
9:58 - 11:00 -  Director Song
11:01 - 51:31 - First Experiences, 12 Angry Men, Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon
51:32 - 1:20:51 - Network, Prince Of The City, The Verdict
1:20:52 - 1:47:53 - Running On Empty, Q&A, Before THe Devil Knows You're Dead
1:47:54 - 1:54:30 - Top 3 Lumet Films / Outro / "Prince of the City" Score

In about two weeks, my friend Kate Blair and I will FINALLY be tackling the career of Alfred Hitchcock for what will definitely be the first in a series of episodes on the legendary director.  Then I will be taking the rest of March off for my own personal spring break and to focus on getting more interviews lined up for both podcasts!  Please send any feedback to directorsclubpodcast@gmail.com, Visit: nowplayingnetwork.net to support this show as well as the other wonderful shows on the network like Movie Madness and Vinyl Emergency.