Bonus Episode: Melanie Lynskey & Vincent Grashaw


Jim interviews a great character actress and director!

Hello there everyone!  Jim here.  More is explained in the intro(s) but I decided to offer up a special bonus treat here for both Director's Club + Voices and Visions alike.  I had the pleasure of seeing a very good new film called AND THEN I GO, directed by my first guest Vincent Grashaw.  We had a great talk about the inspiration behind the film and his process. 

Then, I was absolutely honored and thrilled to talk to one of my all-time favorite actresses, Melanie Lynskey (HEAVENLY CREATURES, SHATTERED GLASS, THE INFORMANT!).  It was a short but sweet interview with a lot of great insights about being an actress, as well as singing the praises of her incredible career.  I can't encourage you enough to give this episode your time and attention, if only for another announcement that involves Patrick and I at the top here.  Thank you so much for listening and to Brad + Al for keeping the show alive and better than ever!

00:00 - 12:34 - Introduction
12:35 - 25:25 - Interview with Vincent Grashaw
25:26 - 40:15 - Interview with Melanie Lynskey

For more on AND THEN I GO:

AND THEN I GO is now available on-demand everywhere!

AND THEN I GO is now available on-demand everywhere!