Pop Culture Club Debut - Weird Al, Torres, Tu Dors Nicole & more!

I'm sure you are very confused right about now, but don't fret.  Director's Club isn't going away, just becoming sporadic.  Patrick will be back with another bonus episode soon enough too.  As for me, I'm occasionally going to put out shorter episodes akin to the one you're about to hear, that will go under the moniker "Pop Culture Club."  This is a trial run (or episode 1 if you prefer) in which I interview my friend Marissa about UHF, talk with an aspiring documentarian named Clay, play some music from my favorite record of the year, briefly review TU DORS NICOLE, and elaborate on what's to come.  Don't worry, there will be director-centric episodes in the future, but for now, enjoy this spin-off show in its infancy.  Click on the link below to visit the supplemental website:

Pop Culture Club Podcast
00:00 - 00:20 - Charlie's Angry Voicemail
00:21 - 15:29 - Introduction To PCCP
15:30 - 17:55 - Nick Digilio / "New Skin" - Torres
17:56 - 21:09 - Interview With Clay Jewel
21:10 - 52:33 - Weird Al UHF Discussion w/Marissa Robertcop
52:34 - 01:05:36 - "The Harshest Light" - Torres / Movie Review / Outro
01:05:37 - 01:09:08 - "Come To Terms" - Torres

Pop Culture Club - Weird Al, Torres, Tu Dors Nicole & more!