Bonus Episode: Jim & Patrick Review Suspiria & Halloween (2018)


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Jim here! I've been in a horrible funk so I put out the call (or the "Pat" signal) to my dear old friend Patrick Ripoll to stop by for pizza, cannoli and some good old fashioned conversation. We turned on the mics to do what we do best - ramble on about movies. This time we focus on two recent horror releases in particular. David Gordon Green's 2018 sequel HALLOWEEN and Luca Guadagnino's remake of SUSPIRIA. Fair warning, we spoil both so hopefully you've seen them by now, and you probably should.

Along the way, we dive further into the Halloween franchise, conflicted thoughts about Argento, other horror remakes we like, and a whole slew of bizarre digressions towards the end including the idea of all remakes putting podcasters into their updated takes. What horror remakes would we like to see or can expect? Is Hollywood already as doomed as planet Earth to the point of not expecting greatness anymore? Is 2018 a weak year for movies? Did Patrick actually capture the sense and sound of eating cannoli at the top of the show? You'll have to tune in and listen to find out. This was a blast and hopefully you think so too.

00:00 - 12:39 - Intro
12:40 - 47:02 - Halloween (2018)
47:03 - 01:30:27 - Suspiria (2018)
01:30:28 - 02:20:40 - Digressions, Remakes, The Future Of Cinema

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