Bonus Episode: The Thing (1982) Commentary feat. Patrick Ripoll


I tied my dear friend Patrick Ripoll to a fucking couch!  Former co-host and podcaster extraordinaire, is back for this special bonus episode. We are hoping that this bonus offering for October will encourage you to donate any amount to the network to help keep our shows running, but again, no obligation, just a request:

Patrick is a movie commentary savant at this point, thanks to his terrific show Tracks of the Damned. So I invited him down to my place for an in-depth analysis on John Carpenter's THE THING. Many laughs were had, theories were discussed, and a blood test was administered. The big question is: Who is THE THING and when? And does the introduction of McCready tie into the way the film wraps up?  Also why did DMX show up for a few minutes?  All of these questions may or may not be answered. I should've given Patrick a bottle of whiskey at the end of this truly joyful commentary on one of my all-time top five favorite horror films. 

Cue up your copy and get ready to experience this classic movie, Jim & Patrick style for this wonderful time of year. Happy Halloween and Happy October to all!

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