Jim (episodes #1 - 123)

Since the late 90s, Jim has been a freelance film and music critic, appearing on WGN Radio. He has co-produced documentary films and composed songs for a wide variety of movies. He has a penchant for puns, parodies, pizza, and caffeine.  Jim plans to create a self-reflective documentary of some kind eventually, maybe.  He listens to way too many podcasts and is a music teacher.  In 2017, he left Director's Club but continues to podcast with Voices & Visions. Jim@Letterboxd / Favorite Films Episode


Brad may not have been born in a movie theater showing The Empire Strikes Back on endless loop with The Beatles blasting through his baby headphones, but it would explain a lot.  A lifetime of film addiction led him to organize the Chicago Film Discussion Meetup Group and find kindred spirits who wouldn’t stare blankly when he started going on about Robert Altman.  When not loitering at The Music Box Theatre, he might be found at the nearest Springsteen concert or farthest travel destination. 


Patrick (EPISODES #1 - 90)

Patrick was born in 1987. This remains his biggest achievement.  He works at a video store, watches movies, listens to rap music, views solar eclipses and does stand-up comedy in about that order of frequency. He wishes he had more people who wanted to talk to him about Von Lmo and wishes he had less people who wanted to talk about Google Doodles.  Patrick left the show as of June 2015 but continues to podcast sporadically on Tracks of the Damned. Patrick @ Letterboxd / Favorite Films Episode



I'm Al, and I'm a tremendous fan of movies. I find them the greatest form of art, one that encompasses the visual arts, music, performance, but also operating as "empathy machines" (a quote from Roger Ebert) and "sculpting in time" (from a book by the great filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky). It's amazing to see the spectrum of film (from the wit of Woody Allen to the unhinged manic energy of Andrzej Zulawski), and as an assistant organizer of the Chicago Film Discussion Group, I've found they've all been enhanced with further discussion and examination.  It's going to be fascinating giving a bi-weekly look at a set of movies from the lens of a single director.  We may be surprised by the connections and comparisons that can come up - let's find out!